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Welcome to Swadisht Foods Recipe Videos Gallery! Here you will find appetizing and drool worthy High Definition videos of all our exclusive YouTube recipes. Want to watch some High Definition photos of our recipes? Visit our Photos Gallery page by clicking here.

Moreover the Cuisines we offer include Fast Food, Snacks, Chinese, Italian, Sweets and Desserts, Soup, Main Course, Egg, Non-Veg, Seafood, Maharashtrian, South Indian, Roti/Breads, Rice,Beverages, and Sauces & Dips . And our collection of 200+ Videos ranges from cuisine to cuisine.

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Please find the Cuisine of your choice from the options given below and click on that picture to get directed towards the Recipe Videos gallery of that cuisine.

Fast Food Recipe Videos

Fast Food Recipes - Photos and Videos

We have a great variety of Fast Food Photos! Ranging from steaming hot Wheat Veg Momos to Dominos style Cheesy Garlic bread sticks. From Crispy Veg Cheese Burger to tempting Singapore Noodles. Not to forget everyone’s favorite Pani Puri and Kutchhi Dabeli! Invention is the key to great food, and here are some of our inventions – Pizza Momos, Besan Cheese Sandwich and much more… 

Snacks Recipe Videos

Snacks Recipes - Photos and Videos

Oh, and who doesn’t like some Snacks! Is Parle Cheeslings/ Cheese Bites your favorite side snack? In that case, you’ve come to the right place! We have replicated the same product and made a simple recipe video for you all to make it at your home too! We have some classics like Lasun/ Lehsun Sev and Chakli as well. You’ll definitely love our inventions like Maggi Samosa, Rice Cutlets, Moong Dal Pizza and many more.. 

Chinese Food Recipe Videos

Chinese Food Recipes - Photos and Videos

There’s no denying to our love for Chinese Food! From crunchy Veg Spring Rolls to Sweet and Savory Honey Chilli Potato. From tender Veg Manchurian to crispy Chinese Wontons. No, we didn’t forget the Classic Veg Hakka Noodles and Fried Rice!

Italian Food Recipe Videos

Italian Food Recipes - Photos and Videos

Here’s the favorite cuisine of the current generation! Try your hand at a variety of Pastas, Garlic Bread and Pizza.

Sweets and Desserts Recipe Videos

Sweets & Desserts Recipes - Photos and Videos

And here’s our Most favorite part of Food! If anyone ever tells you that they don’t like Sweets and Desserts, do not believe them! Well, jokes apart, we have for you desserts ranging from International classics like Churros with Chocolate Sauce and Mousse, to Indian classics like Angoori Rasmalai and Jalebi. And that’s not it. We have much more sweet surprises for you! Find out the rest by yourself?

Soup Recipe Videos

Soup Recipes - Photos and Videos

Everything has a beginning and so does Food! So let’s make such beginnings delicious by adding Soups to our meals! We have soups from Tomato soup, to Manchow soup and much more.

Main Course Recipe Videos

Main Course Recipes - Photos and Videos

Now this is a must have! We Indians love different cuisines and food types, but at the end of the day we all crave for some homely food like Roti Subji. And here are different Main course dishes you can make for yourself or your family and friends.

Egg Recipe Videos

Egg Recipes - Photos and Videos

Aao sikhayein, tumhe Ande ka Funda! Egg is one of the cheapest foods available in today’s date. Then why not innovate with it? We have different Egg recipes like Egg roll, Egg rice, Anda Bhurji, etc.

Non Vegetarian Recipe Videos

Non Vegetarian Food Recipes

Our collection comprises of different Chicken and Mutton dishes. Mutton Kheema, Maharashtrian Style Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken, Chicken Thai Red curry, and many such recipes are available with us.

Sea Food Recipe Videos

Sea Food Photos

Our Sea Food Recipes collection is not that big as of now. But we strive to bring multiple mouth-watering sea food dishes for you soon. You can check out our Prawns and Fish fry recipes here.

Maharashtrian Food Recipe Videos

Maharashtrian Food Recipes - Photos & Videos

Being a Maharashtrian, this cuisine is our Pride! When we think of Maharashtrian Food, the word that pops up in our mind is “Spicy”. And so are our signature dishes like Prawns Masala and Maharashtrian style Chicken. We do have the classic Junka-Bhakar as well!

South Indian Food Recipe Videos

South Indian Food Recipes - Photos and Videos

South Indian Food is the first choice of many people when it comes to Breakfast! This cuisine is light on the stomach but absolutely bang-on in terms of flavors. Explore Idli, Dosa, Sambhar and various South Indian Chutneys here.

Rotis and Breads Recipe Videos

Roti & Bread Recipes - Photos and Videos

Suppose you just made the best of Main course dishes. But what are you going to eat with it? Here’s a list of Rotis and breads like Garlic naan, Wheat naan, Bhature, Puri, etc. that’ll perfectly compliment your delicious mains.

Rice Recipe Videos

Rice Recipes - Photos and Videos

Yes,we completely understand that not everyone is Roti/ Bread lover. Many people love Rice as well! So keeping you all lovely people in mind, we also have many yummy Rice dishes like Veg Biryani and Chicken Biryani, Vegetable Pulav, Tomato Rice, Curd Rice and much more.

Beverages Recipe Videos

Beverages Recipes - Photos and Videos

A little something to drink on the side never hurts! So we have for you all some Beverages and refreshments like Cold Coffee, Oreo milkshake, Jaljeera, Kokam Sharbat and much more!

Sauces, Dips and Chutneys Recipe Videos

Sauces, Dips and Chutney Photos and Videos

Sauces, Dips and Chutneys might not be the main hero in the plate, but it definitely plays a very important role in providing a good taste. Our collection consists of Schezwan sauce, Pizza Sauce, South Indian chutneys, etc.

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