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Food blog- A beginning

Food Blogging

Cheffeine- Because cooking is an addiction

Before beginning with our journey of “How to start your own Food Blog”, let us first clear out some misconceptions that people sometimes possess.

“Being a foodie and being a food blogger”
These are the two different personalities that are considered to be one for a food blogger.
If you’re a foodie you may or may not be successful as a blogger. Also, a food blogger may or may not be a glutton!!

Food bloggers are the ones who use their culinary skills and tasting skills to share their experience with their niche using a platform that may be a website, blog or a social media account.

There are different kinds of food blogging:


The one where you showcase your cooking skills. To be a successful blogger in this area you need to work on your presentation and editing skills as well. In today’s world, everyone prefer things that serves as a candy to their eyes.

Food Blogging - Recipe

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Food/Restaurant Review

People tend to go through the reviews before visiting a place and that’s where your part comes in. In addition to the food you review your overall experience at a place including it’s ambience, staff, service, discounts etc.

Food Blogging - Restaurant Review

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Food and Travel(Ethics and culture)

If you love to travel and explore new places, culture, history etc., you can definitely choose this one. Just click photos of food wherever you travel.

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Food photography

Showing your photography skills with food in frame.

Food Blogging - Food Photography

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No! this isn’t just the end. As long as it’s concerned with food, it’s considered a food blog.
Also, it’s like your personal world and there are no hard and fast rules.

Following are some things you need to know about if you’re thinking to start a food blog:

1. Taking multiple shots

Take multiple photos of each and every meal you make. Because let’s be honest, you never feel satisfied with a single shot even if you luckily get a perfect one.
Why every meal?
You never know when you’ll get out of content and that album might come into use.

Food Blogging - Multiple Food Photos

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2. Devote some time to your blog daily

To be blunt, It’s not a baba ji ka mantra that you’ll post once a week and people will love you like you’re their partner.
Consistency is the key!!

Food Blogging - Devote Time

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3. Engagement and interaction

You need to engage on other people’s posts and interact with them to build a connection. You don’t use the word fam just for name’s sake! Give it a meaning by actually making them feel a family.

Food Blogging - Audience Engagement

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4. Be responsive

Reply to the comments and direct messages you get. It makes your audience feel acknowledged and helps you build a community of loyal followers. If you don’t do this, it’s not only rude to some people but also discouraging to leave their feedback next time. It’s important to let them know that their feedback is valuable to you.

Food Blogging - Replying to Audience

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5. Have patience

Everything takes time and efforts to workout. Just keep putting up your good work you’ll definitely grow by time.

Food Blogging - Patience is the key

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By following these simple steps, start your Food Blogging journey today and Stay tuned for the detailed information on the above points and to know about the technicalities. 

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