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And here’s our Most favorite part of Food! If anyone ever tells you that they don’t like Sweets and Desserts, do not believe them! Well, jokes apart, we have for you Sweets ranging from International classics like Churros with Chocolate Sauce and Mousse, to Indian classics like Angoori Rasmalai and Jalebi. From Authentic Moong Dal Halwa, Gajar ka Halwa and Suji ka Halwa, to modern day Sizzling Brownie and Chocolate Cake. And that’s not it. Simply scroll to find out more!

Though we love eating Sweets, one should always have them in limited quantities. Because too much of anything can be harmful. Eating too much of sweets or desserts leads to Sugar Rush. Sugar rush makes you feel tired as well as drowsy. When people feel low, they generally tend to have something sweet, so as to get instant energy. But desserts only provide you energy for a little time. As Sugar rush ends, it causes the blood sugar level to drop, which eventually leads to make you feel hungry, even though you have eaten enough.

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