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And here’s our Most favorite part of Food! If anyone ever tells you that they don’t like Sweets and Desserts, do not believe them! Well, jokes apart, we have for you Sweets ranging from International classics like Churros with Chocolate Sauce and Mousse, to Indian classics like Angoori Rasmalai and Jalebi. And that’s not it.

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Puranpoli Recipe Video

Puran Poli is a Roti, stuffed with a sweet stuffing of Dal and Gud (jaggery). In Marathi, the sweet stuffing is called as Puran and the bread is called as Poli. It’s eaten as a dessert or as a snack as well.

Steamed Modak – Ukdiche Modak Recipe Video

Modak are Maharashtrian festive dumplings made of rice dough covering and a sweet coconut-jaggery filling. Traditionally these sweet dumplings are handmade. The rice dough coating is flattened, filled with sweet coconut stuffing and then steamed. Many people like it topped with clarified butter/ Ghee.

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Shakkar Pare Recipe Video

Shakkar Pare or known as Shankarpali in Maharashtra, is a sweet dish made during the festival of Diwali! It requires minimal ingredients to make and tastes very delicious.

Jalebi Recipe Video

Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert made by deep frying a batter in spiral shape, and is then soaked in sugar syrup. It is popular for all kinds of occasions in an Indian household and is best served with rabdi.

Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe Video

Mango Falooda is a super yummy Indian beverage or dessert with layers of falooda sev, milk, basil seeds, fresh mango pieces and mango puree layered in a tall glass. It is a delight to eat and one of the best mango sweets. 

Aamrakhand – Mango Shrikhand Recipe Video

Aamrakhand is a creamy and luscious healthy summer treat! All it needs is yogurt and mango, along with sugar and saffron for flavor. It’s absolutely delicious and one of the best sweets to indulge in, on warm summer days.

Sweet Sewai Recipe Video

Sweet Sewai or Meethi Sewaiyyan is a popular dessert, eaten mostly on the Muslim festival of Eid. Its easy preparation and great taste makes it an all-time favorite of children.

Rawa Nankhatai Recipe Video

While the regular Nankhatai is made from All purpose flour/ Maida, this Nankhatai is made of Semolina/ Sooji/ Rawa. It has a melt-in-mouth texture and is such a delight to have.

Mango Mousse Recipe Video

Mango Mousse is amongst amazing sweets because of the fruity taste it offers, in the form of a thick mousse. A sweet blend of just 2 ingredients and you have a delicious dessert!

Sukhdi Recipe Video

This traditional and authentic delicacy is one of the common and frequently made sweets in Gujarat. It is made of staple ingredients such as whole wheat flour, homemade clarified butter/ ghee and jaggery. It is rich, filling and surely provides a lot of energy.

Eggless Churros Recipe Video

Churros is a popular Mexican dessert and is very famous in India as well. When it comes to fried sweets, Churros is one of our favorites, especially when sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar and served with Chocolate sauce.

3 Ingredients Chocolate Cake Recipe Video

Chocolate cake is the most loved recipe all around the world. The best part is, making a cake by yourself for birthdays adds a lot more value and love to what already exists in this sweet dish. It is an easy, quick and simply amazing dessert for all occasions. The specialty about this Chocolate cake is, it is made from only 3 Ingredients! Don’t believe us? Watch it yourself!

Aam Ras Recipe Video

Aam Ras is a sweet dish, popular in western India and is made from the pulp of Mango. The pulp of a ripe mango is extracted, usually by hand, and is consumed together with Puris or Chapatis. It’s our personal favorite during the month of June; the cold Aam Ras in a hot afternoon is just a blessing!

Shahi Tukda Recipe Video

Shahi Tukda is a rich, festive dessert made from bread, ghee, sugar, milk and nuts. It is a very popular, classic royal dessert and is said to have originated during the Mughal reign.

Angoori Rasmalai Recipe Video

Soft and succulent, sweet cottage cheese balls dunked in flavored Rabdi and topped with rich saffron, Angoori Rasmalai is a heavenly and delicious dessert, perfect for any festivity or special occasions.

Eggless Mug Cake Recipe Video

Mug cakes can be a life-saver for sudden and mid-night cravings! It takes just 5 minutes of your time and the results are absolutely worth it. Making an entire cake can be hectic when you are running short on time but a mug cake can save your time and effort, leaving you completely satisfied!

Moong Dal ka Halwa Recipe Video

You’ll recognize this sweet as ‘prasad’ on many holy festivals and celebrations. This rich dessert is cooked entirely in clarified butter/ghee and is topped with dry fruits. The rich ingredients used to make this dish are the reason why this dish is preferred over others as ‘prasad’ or offering!

Cashew Almond Cookies Recipe Video

These traditional Indian-style crunchy cookies with almonds and cashews, are an all-time favorite snack for everyone, along with morning or evening tea.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe Video

Chocolate is loved by people of all ages and when in the form of mousse, its just unignorable! Well thankfully it is a simple and quick sweet dish that can be made for desserts on a special day or even normally on any day.

Rose Cake – Chocolate flavoured Cake Recipe Video

Rose signifies Love and Romance. And also Chocolate signifies Happiness. So why not combine them and spread love and happiness all around us? The base is of everyone’s favorite Chocolate cake and it is iced with a pink colored icing, in the shape of beautiful roses. Make this cake for your partner on your coming Anniversary, and see their happiness reach cloud 9!

Eggless Cake made in Cooker Recipe Video

No Oven? No problem! For having a soft sponge cake, all you need is a Pressure cooker! Yes you read it right! Try out this eggless cake at your home and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Maida Nankhatai Recipe Video

The name Nankhatai comes from two words – ‘naan’ meaning bread and ‘khatai’, meaning biscuit or cookie. Nankhatai is a traditional baked biscuit that uses a basic unleavened bread recipe and depends on the addition of dry fruits and spices to flavor it. The texture of these cookies is soft and mouth melting, and because of this it’s loved by people of all ages as a tea time snack.

Suji ka Halwa Recipe Video

Suji halwa is a famous dessert in Indian list of delicacies. It’s made out of sooji, ghee, sugar and nuts. It has an easy and fast preparation and hence its loved by all family members as a dessert after a delicious dinner.

Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting Recipe Video

Picking up a small cupcake after seeing it placed delightfully on the slabs of a beautiful shop is a very common thing for each one of us. The reason being beautiful and catchy, that one can not keep their hands off. Cupcakes can be a quick fix for sudden cravings and also when you want to be a little extra for your guests or even your loved ones.

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe Video

Gajar ka Halwa is a carrot-based sweet dessert pudding and is made in Indian households for special occasions. Be it children or adults, everybody loves it.

Fried Modak Recipe Video

Fried Modak is an essential and one of the favorite religious sweet dishes in the states like Maharashtra and is  considered to be the favorite dish of Lord Ganesha. It is extremely delightful and easy to make.

Sizzling Brownie with Ice cream and Chocolate sauce Recipe Video

Sizzling brownie is a dessert that is present on almost every restaurant and café’s menu. The soft brownie with a scoop of ice-cream served with hot melted chocolate is as delightful as it sounds.

Sewai Kheer Recipe Video

Sewai Kheer or Semiya Kheer is an amazing Indian dessert made using vermicelli and milk. It is a delicious sweet that requires hardly 15 minutes for preparation. It is one of the most preferred desserts in Indian Households for special occasions and festivals.

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