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From France, with love… And Soup.
Soups are nutritious liquids, prepared with vegetables, meat or a combination of both. Widely classified into clear soups- all liquid, or, thick soups- gravy with chunks of bread, veggies or meat, this cuisine is quick and easy to prepare. Sweetest (or sour-est) way to keep the nutritional values intact within your meal without having to compromise with your taste buds. A Soup can be made of capsicum, onion, cabbage, corn, spinach, tomato, fish, meat, noodle, carrot, beetroot, you name it.

If you think you tend to overeat sometimes, you must have Soup! It makes you feel quite full so you don’t have much hunger for the Main course.

Being light on the stomach, it is filling at the same time! After a good workout, have a bowl of Soup to help regain your energy. It’ll also provide the essential nutrients to your body. So it’s your choice now; you can either buy those ready to cook soups from the market, like that of Knorr or you could make them fresh by following our easy and simple recipes!

Would you like to see the recipes of the Soups shown below? Click here.

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