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Do you prefer a quick Snacks Recipe over Large meals? Is it because your appetite is small or you need something that you can eat quickly? Regardless of the situation, we have for you a huge and diverse collection of Snacks Recipe Videos! From street side Chinese food like Hakka Noodles and Schezwan Rice, to Restaurant style Kebabs like Paneer Tikka and Chicken Tandoori. From Indian classics like Vada Pav and Dabeli, to American classic Burgers. Moreover budget foods like Samosa, Kachori, Dhokla, etc., we have it all!

Confused as in why have we distinguished between a Fast Food Recipe and a Snacks Recipe? Well, you are likely to find many dishes in common in these two categories. But there are some dishes which are consumed as quick bites, but takes a while to cook. For example, authentic snacks like Chakli, Chivda, Sev, etc. are all quick bites, but it isn’t sold on street side food stalls. That is why we categorized them into “Snacks”.

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Moong Dal Kachori Recipe Video

Kachori is one of the most easily available snacks in India. Kachori is mostly of two types, Moong Dal Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori. Today, we will be talking about the former. Moong Dal Kachori is stuffed with a spicy filling of Moong dal, and is deep fried. It is best served with Coriander chutney and Imli/ tamarind chutney.

Margherita Pizza Recipe Video

The simplest kind of Pizza there is, Margherita Pizza! Margherita Pizza is a very simple recipe which has a pizza base, a sauce freshly made from tomatoes, and some Mozzarella cheese. It’s a best complimentary dish with wine or champagne.

Soya Manchurian Recipe Video

Many of you would not be liking Soybean/ Soya chunks since they are tasteless. But trust us, this recipe will completely change your lookout for Soybean/ Soya chunks! Soya Manchurian is a delicious Chinese Food and a great Snacks Recipe as well!

Chicken Samosa Recipe Video

You must have eaten different kinds of Samosas, for instance, aloo Samosa, Chinese Samosa, etc.! But have you tried a Chicken Samosa before? This fried delicacy consists of spicy minced chicken filling and a crunchy & thin outer covering. It is a mouth watering tea time snack and is best served with coriander chutney!

Poha Recipe Video

Poha is one of the most eaten Breakfast or Snacks Recipe throughout India. It is very easy to cook and tastes absolutely delicious. Also it requires minimum ingredients and is cooked in different ways in different parts of India. In cities like Nashik and Nagpur, people like eating Poha with a spicy gravy, called as “Tarri”. One of the most famous and favorite type of Poha is Kanda Poha, which we have shown here.

Pizza Puff Recipe Video

This dish was introduced to us by McDonald’s! This quick snack has a thick outer covering, which is filled with a pizza stuffing. These Pizza puffs are a great snack and kids simply love it. Want to give it a try? You’ll not want to go to McDonald’s once you ace this recipe!

Aloo aur Mirch ke Pakode Recipe Video

Many of us like Pakodas or fritters! In Maharashtra we call it “Bhaji”! These Aloo and Mirch Pakodas is one of the simplest snacks recipes. Just make a batter, dip the veggies and fry them! As easy as it is to make them, they are nothing less when it comes to taste!

Chicken Schezwan Rice Recipe Video

A whisked Egg. Fried chicken pieces. Cooked Rice. And Schezwan sauce. Toss them all in a hot pan/ skillet, and BOOM. You just made a mouth watering dish! This recipe is amongst many delectable fast food recipes and is our personal favorite Chinese food dish! Moreover it is a complete meal in itself.

Paneer Pakoda Recipe Video

The modern or younger generation doesn’t enjoy Pakodas as much as we do. Is this the case with you as well? Worry no more! This recipe of Paneer Pakoda will be your kid’s or even your favorite dish in no time! And it’s not a simple piece of Paneer, being dipped in a batter and fried. There’s a small surprise inside it. Find it out by watching the video below!

Veg Schezwan Manchurian Noodles Recipe Video

Just by the looks of it, doesn’t it make you drool? Veg Schezwan Manchurian Noodles is a perfect example of “Even Vegetarian Food can be tasty!”. Tender Vegetable Manchurian balls tossed in Spicy Noodles, make a very tempting Snacks dish.

Paneer Roll Recipe Video

Rolls are a great food choice as a snacks recipe when you are running short of time! It is easy to carry and can be enjoyed while you are on your way to any place. This roll in particular has a tangy-spicy Paneer filling which gives an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Try out this recipe over your regular roti-subji some day, and we are sure that you will love it!

Chicken Manchurian Recipe Video

If you are a Non-Vegetarian food lover, you’ll definitely love this Chicken Manchurian recipe. These fried Chicken pieces, tossed in a spicy-tangy sauce make a very appetizing snack! So you can enjoy it as a great evening snack or club it with your dinner.

Cheese Sandwich with a Twist Recipe Video

Doesn’t anything get 10x interesting when there is a twist associated with it? Here is our twist to the classic cheese sandwich. Just by looking at the thumbnail, what are your guesses about the ‘twist’ in the recipe? Comment them below! After watching the recipe, do give it a try!

Anda Bhurji Recipe Video

So, when it comes to Egg, Anda Bhurji is a well known snacks recipe that comes to our mind. In cities like Mumbai and Pune, you might have seen those late night Anda Bhurji vendors. And the reason for its popularity is its simplicity. It requires limited ingredients, very less time to make, and actually a very low investment. Above all, Anda Bhurji tastes best with lightly toasted bread slices or Pav.

Fried Pohe Chivda Recipe Video

Hearing of Chivda, the first thought that comes to our mind is “Diwali Snacks”. Fried Pohe Chivda was made and enjoyed in the state of Maharashtra initially, but today it has reached to different parts of India. Pohe (flattened rice), along with some other ingredients like Coconut, peanuts and curry leaves, are deep fried and mixed together. It is a great snacking option. You can even store it in an air tight jar for about 2-3 weeks.

Baked Potato Wedges Recipe Video

Potato Wedges are almost as similar as fries, except for its shape. Potato wedges are comparatively thicker than fries and are in the shape of ‘wedges’, as the name suggests. But here, rather than the traditional way of frying the wedges, we have baked them! Doesn’t that make it quite a healthy alternative?

Paneer Tikka Recipe Video

We think it is really safe to call Paneer Tikka as the most favorite starter dish or snacks recipe, of most of the vegetarians. Paneer is already enjoyed by people because it blends so well with different flavors. Moreover the smoky fragrance and taste of this dish makes it quite unbeatable! This recipe is made on a gas stove, and not in a tandoor. Didn’t we make it even simpler for you now? Paneer Tikka is best served along with mint-coriander chutney and some onion salad.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe Video

Like Paneer Tikka is to vegetarians, Chicken Tandoori is to Non-vegetarians. Tender chicken is marinated in a spicy curd-based marinate and is cooked in a tandoor. But what if we don’t have a tandoor at our house? Don’t worry! This recipe is made on a simple gas stove, but the taste and aroma is exactly the same like that of the Chicken tandoori you get at restaurants!

Gobi Manchurian Recipe Video

Does your kid not eat Cauliflower? Or it is you, who picks out all the cauliflower florets from the sabji and pulao? In either case, this recipe will be your savior! We assure you, you won’t even feel like you’re eating cauliflower; this dish is that amazing! So what are you waiting for? Just watch the video and make yourself a healthy and tasty dish.

Nachos Recipe Video

You must have had this snack at home, or at a cafe, or at a restaurant. These Nacho chips are made from Corn meal and are absolutely light on your stomach. At many cafes they serve Nachos along with a cheesy dip, a mixture of kidney beans, and Salsa sauce. But to be honest, when it comes to making all these things at home, we become too lazy. That is why we usually prefer having Nachos with Salsa sauce. Want to learn the recipe of Salsa sauce as well? Click here.

Potato Smiley Recipe Video

Don’t these smileys look too cute? They are equally delicious to eat. Multiple companies sell similar Potato Smileys in frozen form as a ‘heat and ready to eat’ product. But we should eat as much fresh products as possible, shouldn’t we? These are so easy to make and are also budget-friendly. They are literally made in half of the cost, of what is available in the frozen form in the market.

Lasun Sev – Lehsun Sev Recipe Video

Lasun Sev or Lehsun Sev is yet another Snacks recipe which is made in many households. The regular sev is given the flavor of Garlic, which enhances its taste and flavor. It is largely made and consumed during the festival of Diwali. You can add this sev on top of Pohe or even in bhel.

Wheat Veg Momos Recipe Video

When it comes to street side fast food recipes or dishes, Momos have our hearts! Veg Momos are a great combination of multiple vegetables! Health conscious people, your only problem was the outer covering of maida/ all purpose flour right? We have solved it for you here! These Veg Momos have a wheat covering which enhances the taste even more! Momos are best served with Momos chutney and some people do like to have it with Mayonnaise as well. You can watch the recipe of Momos Chutney here.

Wheat Cheese Bites Recipe Video

Have you had this quick snack “Parle Monaco Cheeslings”? We tried and recreated the exact same product and switched All purpose flour from the original dish, to wheat flour. Oh, and how delicious it tastes! These small cheese pockets are a great munching option.

Rice Cutlets Recipe Video

If you have leftover rice from the previous meal, do not throw it away. Rather, make this delicious dish of Rice cutlets as shown below. Cooked rice is mixed with different vegetables to prepare these yummy cutlets. It tastes best with ketchup.

Kobi Vadi – Cabbage Cutlets Recipe Video

Cabbage is mostly seen as a secondary ingredient. Except for a few people, not many use Cabbage to make a main course. But trust us, cabbage dishes can be equally tasty too. Just like this particular dish. Kobi Vadi or Cabbage cutlets are first steamed, and then finished off by shallow frying. It is a great snack option for that small evening hunger.

Bread Pizza Recipe Video

During the lockdown days, when the bakery and confectionary shops were closed, it was hard to find those ready to use pizza bases in the market. Also yeast was not readily available in general stores. So how could one make their favorite fast food recipe – Pizza, at home? So we came up with this simple Bread Pizza recipe which can be easily made even by kids, in no time!

Poha Sticks Recipe Video

Poha in itself is such a great snacks recipe. To enhance it further, we combined it with a few more ingredients to create these Poha Sticks! It is such a great snacking option that if you have it for breakfast, you’ll easily feel full for the next 4-5 hours. It tastes amazing with ketchup. Why don’t you try this innovation as well?

Cheesy Veg Sandwich Recipe Video

Do you feel that the regular Cheese Sandwich gets too plain sometimes? Or the Veg Sandwich is very bland? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a bite in the sandwich, and also some flavors to balance the blandness of veggies? This sandwich has diverse flavors of the two snacks dishes, which provide it a great taste. Try this recipe and you’ll love it!

Bread Poha Recipe Video

Poha is already a well known snacks recipe. But what about the bread you bought 2 days ago and is going to expire today or tomorrow? Not in the mood for a sandwich? Then this is the recipe you need. Bread Poha is a great way to finish off the remaining crumbly bread slices.

Dahi Vada Recipe Video

Dahi Vada is another great chaat recipe! Soft tender vadas are topped with lots of Curd and different chutneys, and is sprinkled with some spices to give it its signature taste. It has a melt-in-mouth texture, which keeps you wanting for more and more. Want to know how to make these chutneys? Click here.

Vegetable Chowmein Recipe Video

Chowmein is one of the most famous street-side snacks in North India. Noodles and Vegetables are tossed in a spicy and tangy sauce, and cooked on high flame to give it a smoky flavor. To make a healthier version of this dish, you can substitute regular noodles with whole wheat noodles. Want to make whole wheat noodles by yourself? Click here to see the recipe. Prefer buying the whole wheat noodles instead? Click here to buy online.

Honey Chilli Potato Recipe Video

Once you eat this dish, the regular fries will be very boring for you! Honey Chilli Potato consists of crispy fries, tossed in sweet and spicy sauce. Although it is not a very healthy dish, but its taste will definitely compensate for it!

Farsi Puri Recipe Video

Farsi Puri is a Gujarati Snacks recipe. Thin Puris are rolled in triangular shape and are deep fried. They are finished off by sprinkling a mixture of Black salt and Red chilli powder on the top. It can be stored in an air tight container for about 2-3 weeks. So try out this recipe and make some delicious munchies for yourself.

Jowar Chakli Recipe Video

Chakli is a snack which you don’t have to force your kids to eat. Chakli is loved and enjoyed by everyone. In Maharashtra, people traditionally make “Bhajni Chakli” which is a combination of various grains. Here we have for you Jowar Chakli, which is made completely from Jowar flour. Though these Chaklis can be stored for 3-4 weeks, it tastes soo good that it’ll be over within a week’s time.

Veg Singapore Noodles Recipe Video

These noodles are power packed with nutrients! Singapore Noodles contain multiple veggies as well as sprouts, which make it healthy, alongside being tasty. Wondering how Maida/ All purpose flour noodles are healthy? To be honest, they really aren’t. But we can compromise that much, can’t we? Still, if you are very conscious about your health, you can replace the maida noodles with whole wheat noodles.

Makai Chivda Recipe Video

This Chivda is made from fried Cornflakes. Dry Cornflakes are fried along with some peanuts and curry leaves. They are mixed together with some spices and, a simple yet delicious snack is prepared. Since it lasts for about 2-3 weeks, you can make it in larger quantity and eat it as munchies.

Namak Paare Recipe Video

Unlike Shakkar Paare, Namakpaare are savory. These diamond shaped, small bite sized pockets are a great snack. It is usually made during Diwali, but nowadays can be found as a regular snack at many homes.

Besan Chilla Recipe Video

Some people also call it ‘Veg Omlet’. A chilla is usually made by adding different ingredients to a batter, and cooking it in the form of an Uttappam. Besan chilla consists of besan/ gram flour, being mixed with some vegetables. It is a great breakfast or evening snacks option.

Veg Cheese Burger Recipe Video

Burger is one of the most popular fast food recipes around the world! It is a complete meal within itself, as it is delicious as well as filling. In this recipe of veg Cheese Burger, we have also shown how to make Burger buns at home! So you no longer have to go from one shop to another, searching for the perfect buns. It’s your burger, craft it your way: Add double patty, or add extra cheese, or switch up the sauce, or whatever you like!

Aloo Tikki Chaat Recipe Video

Indians just love Chaat! And why not! It is like an explosion of flavors in our mouth. Aloo Tikki Chaat or Ragda Pattice is one of the famous Indian snacks recipe wherein a Potato patty is topped with Ragda (a cooked mixture of chole/ chick peas), along with different chutneys, chopped onion and Sev! You can watch the recipe of different chutneys for chaat here. Once you ace this recipe, you can fulfil your chaat cravings anytime you want, right at your home!

Pani Puri Recipe Video

Does this dish even require any introduction? One of the most sold dishes on the streets of India, Pani Puri is a great and delectable snack to have. Puris are filled with a mixture of either Aloo and Chana, or Ragda (mixture of chole/ chicke peas) and finally dipped in different flavored waters. Here we have the Aloo+chana version of the Pani puri! You can prepare all the parts of this recipe and then enjoy it with your family as you all make your own plate of Pani Puri and have a great time!

Alfredo Pasta – White Sauce Pasta Recipe Video

When it comes to Pasta, we Indians always prefer White sauce pasta over other kinds of Pasta dishes. One of the reason for its popularity can be cheese, because of which it gets that creamy cheesy texture. Add in a few veggies or chicken or mushrooms, depending on your taste, to further enhance the flavors of this recipe.

Dominos Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe Video

The famous Pizza chain, Dominos, is very famous for this dish of Cheese Garlic Bread sticks. It is one of those fast food recipes, which have a breath-taking aroma! We tried to recreate the same dish and it came out to be perfect! The smell of freshly baked bread, along with some garlic, will tempt you to have more and more of it. It is best served with a cheese dip.

Medu Vada Recipe Video

So you can call them Indian Donuts, but they are savory! Medu Vada is a famous snack all over India due to its taste and easy availability. It is best served with Sambhar and Chutney.

Moong Dal ke Pakode Recipe Video

In different states of India, people prefer eating different kinds of Pakodas. But this recipe of Moong Dal ke Pakode is famous in many states. It is a very simple recipe and requires minimal ingredients! It is best served with some sliced onions and fried green chillis.

Vegetable Paneer Salad Recipe Video

All the people, who are on a diet, this recipe is for you! Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these cubes of Paneer are tossed with some veggies and a few more ingredients, to prepare a delicious warm salad. And it doesn’t taste bland at all, rather it is very yummy!

Moong Dal Pizza Recipe Video

You must have seen various versions of Pizza or even different pizza dishes, but have you heard of Moong Dal Pizza? This nutrition packed recipe has the base made of Moong dal, with the toppings of a Pizza. It makes for a great tiffin dish or can be enjoyed as breakfast or as evening snacks as well.

Pyaaz ke Pakode Recipe Video

Famously known as “Kaanda Bhaji” or “Kaanda pakode”, Pyaaz ke pakode are a great street side snack! It is made using minimum ingredients and tastes very yummy! It tastes best with bread or some ketchup. Try out this recipe so that you can enjoy the rains with a plate full of pakodas, along with a cup of tea!

Veg Cheese Sandwich Recipe Video

Have you been to Mahabaleshwar? If yes, you must have definitely visited Mapro Gardens! This Sandwich is one of the signature dishes of Mapro. Different Vegetables, along with Coriander chutney, cheese, thick bread slices, and lots of butter is toasted till perfection and it tastes heavenly! Once you learn to make this recipe, you won’t have to visit Mahabaleshwar, just to enjoy this delicacy!

Chicken Red Thai Curry Recipe Video

Thai food mostly consists of coconut based ingredients. Even this Red Thai curry is made from Coconut milk, along with some other ingredients. However if Coconut milk is not available in your locality, don’t worry. In the recipe, we have shown how you can prepare coconut milk at home from a regular coconut. This curry, added with Chicken pieces, goes excellently well with Plain steamed rice!

Kutchhi Dabeli Recipe Video

Did you read it as Kachhi Dabeli? Haha, many people confuse it with that. It actually is “Kutchhi” Dabeli as it belongs to the city of Kutch! A sweet-tangy potato based mixture is stuffed inside a Pav, along with some flavored peanuts and chutneys, and is toasted in butter. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this Gujarati dish is a great evening snack and one of the popular Indian snack recipes.

Kolhapuri Misal Recipe Video

Misal is one of the favorite snacks of Maharashtrian people, and is also enjoyed by others from different states. This dish consists of a gravy also called as “Tarri”, some legumes usually Matki/ Moth beans, and topped with farsan. In some parts of Maharashtra, you’ll also find batata vada/ potato patty or Poha instead of legumes. Also the spiciness of the tarri too depends from city to city. Misal is best served with Pav and some buttermilk along with it.

Dal Pakwan Recipe Video

Dal Pakwan is a popular Sindhi breakfast or snack dish. Crispy and crunchy pooris are served with Dal and the taste is just impeccable! Switch from your basic dal to this dish sometime, and you’ll not regret your decision!

Chicken Momos Recipe Video

Let’s just agree that we all love Momos! Above all, any Non-vegetarian food lover, will never go for Veg Momos over Chicken Momos. These Chicken Momos are made similarly like the ones that you get at the street side momo stalls. Try making them at home so that you can cook them by yourself whenever you crave to eat some.

Bombay Masala Toast Recipe Video

This authentic sandwich recipe is very famous on the streets of Bombay (present day Mumbai). From there, it has reached to many states and cities. Bombay masala toast contains different sliced vegetables, along with coriander chutney, lots of butter and topped with some sev! It is not a regular sandwich, it is much more than that. Why not try it out?

Veg Manchurian Recipe Video

Wait! This isn’t that regular Manchurian you get at the street side shop. This Manchurian recipe is made by combining multiple vegetables to make crispy balls, which are ultimately tossed in a gravy. To sum up, we will call it a 80% healthy dish (deducted 20% for the frying part and for those sauces). But still, your taste buds will definitely love it!

Cheese and Salted Potato Chips Recipe Video

People have been eating for quite some time now. And the hundreds of brands present in the market today, signify how popular it has become today. Potato chips of wafers are made in different flavors. Here, we have Classic Salted and Cheese flavored Potato Wafers for you.

Veg Spring Roll Recipe Video

Imagine, if the noodles itself taste so amazing, how amazing would these Spring Rolls be! Yes, they would seem a bit oily on the outside, but it’s just a small price to pay for a tasty treat. Spring Rolls are best served with Schezwan Sauce. So what are you waiting for? Follow this simple recipe and treat you family and friends with a savory delicacy!

Kothimbir Vadi Recipe Video

This simple snack is made entirely out of coriander and a little bit of gram flour/ besan. Ingredients are mixed together and are given a shape of small balls or dumplings. These dumplings are then steamed until they are completely cooked. After that, they are sliced and shallow fried, added with a tempering of mustard seeds and white sesame seeds. If you are health conscious or on a diet, you can directly eat them after steaming.

Upma Recipe Video

Upma is a perfect breakfast dish made from Semolina. Semolina/ Sooji/ Rawa is cooked in Oil/ Ghee, along with vegetables like Onions, Carrots, Peas, etc. and boiling water is added into it. Further, once the water dries out, the dish is ready to be served!

Sabudana Vada Recipe Video

Sabudana Vadas are a great dish for fast. Mixed with simple ingredients like green chilli and peanuts, it has a great taste. It is served along with a chutney of curd and cucumber, which further enhances its taste.

Hara Bhara Kebab Recipe Video

As the name “Hara Bhara” suggests, this snacks recipe is full of different vegetables which are green in color. Haha, jokes apart, it is a combination of various Vegetables and the green color comes from Spinach. This dish is a great way to feed various vegetables and their essential nutrients to your family. It tastes soo good, that “too much of Hara Bhara Kebabs” isn’t a thing!

Chinese Bhel Recipe Video

To put in short, Chinese Bhel is a combination of a couple of Chinese Food dishes. And it tastes just delicious! No, you don’t just have to toss all the raw ingredients in a vessel to make this bhel. Rather you have to toss all the ingredients in a skillet and cook them together to prepare this dish.

Fish Fry Recipe Video

This recipe makes for a great starter dish! Fresh Black Pomfret fish or known as “Halwa” in many parts of India, is sliced and is coated with rice flour or Semolina/ Suji/ Rawa, and is shallow-fried until crisp. One piece of this dish is never enough to satisfy your seafood cravings!
Along with being drool worthy, this recipe offers you loads of Proteins, Calcium, Nutrients, and Good fats. It can be very beneficial for a healthy eyesight, skin and hair.

Cheese Balls Recipe Video

We don’t think we even have to convince you to try out this recipe. Just look at that cheese pull! Cheese balls are a combination of potato and cheese, along with a couple of ingredients, deep fried to perfection! These golden colored balls are a perfect evening snacks recipe. Next time when you have some guests over, greet them with this recipe and they’ll return from your house with a big smile on their face.

Pav Bhaaji Recipe Video

Pav Bhaaji was invented in mid 1800s in Mumbai. It was made as a lunch dish for the workers. The bhaaji of Pav bhaaji is a combination of different vegetables and spices. It is authentically made on a large tawa (pan), which gives it its authentic taste. It tastes great with oodles of butter, and is served with toasted pav.

Masala Maggi Recipe Video

Maggi in itself is a complete and delicious meal. But trust us, with added vegetables, it tastes even better. People around India, make and sell different versions of Maggi. Be it Masala, or cheese, or any flavor for that matter. Try out this recipe and give a healthy twist to your regular Maggi!

Pizza Cones Recipe Video

Pizza Cone is a very unique pizza dish. Delicious and crispy cones are stuffed with a pizza flavored filling, topped with some grated cheese. They make for a great finger food, and many variations in the filling can be made as well.

Cheesy French Fries Recipe Video

If classic French Fries taste soo good, how good would these cheesy French fries be! If you’re worried about your fries being soggy, watch out this recipe video for the trick we use, to make crispy fries. Also want to how they make the cheesy sauce to be drizzled over the fries? All the answers to your questions are in the video given below.

Chilli Chicken Recipe Video

Chilli Chicken might look similar to Chicken Manchurian, but is a different dish by taste altogether. These chicken pieces are coated with a batter and deep fried till crisp. Finally they are tossed in a sauce with some diced onions and capsicum.

Sabudana Khichadi Recipe Video

There are 2 kinds of Fasts. One is where you can’t eat anything, another one is where you can eat certain foods. The latter is followed by many in India. And when it comes to fast, foods made from Sabudana are quite famous. And one such famous sabudana snacks recipe is Sabudana Khichadi.

Pizza Bread Roll Recipe Video

Here is another Pizza Dish for you! Were the Pizza cones we showed above, quite difficult to make for you? Then you can go for this recipe! It is very simple to make and tastes great. Best part is, it requires minimum ingredients and most of them are easily available at everyone’s home.

Roti/ Chapati Pohe Recipe Video

Like we gave you a solution for leftover Rice, we also have a solution for leftover Roti/ Chapati. This snacks recipe of Chapati Pohe replaces Poha (flattened rice) with shredded pieces of leftover chapati. For us, Cooking is like worship. And we never like wasting food. That is why we came up with this recipe.

Vada Pav Recipe Video

Like Dabeli is to Gujarat, Vada Pav is to Maharashtra. A mixture of potato and various spices are dipped in a gram flour batter and are deep fried. This fried potato patty is then placed in a pav, along with some spicy peanut chutney. A side of fried green chilli would taste even better along with the Vada Pav.

Aloo Samosa Recipe Video

We can call Samosa as the cousin of Kachori. In every sweet shop, you’ll see both of these delicacies being served together. A mixture of potato is stuffed inside a thick covering of Maida/ All purpose flour, and is deep fried. It tastes best with Coriander chutney and Imli/ Tamarind chutney.

Sev Puri Recipe Video

After Pani puri, Sev puri is one of the most liked chaat dishes. Sev Puri consists of quite similar ingredients like that of Pani puri, except for the flavored waters. It is topped with different chutneys and sev! As far as we have noticed, no one settles for just 1 plate of sev puri! So why not learn this recipe and make endless plates of Sev puri for yourself?

Bhel Recipe Video

Bhel is a popular chaat dish consisting of puffed rice mixed with different chutneys. According to choice and taste of people, Bhel can also consist of sprouts, peanuts, onions, tomatoes, sev and many more ingredients. It is absolutely light on the stomach and tastes great at the same time.

Paneer Sandwich Recipe Video

Sandwiches are liked by people around the world! The filling could be anything, but its ease of eating and deliciousness is what makes it popular among so many people. This sandwich has a very simple mixture of Paneer and onion. And moreover the bread toasted with butter, makes it a great combination.

Egg Roll Recipe Video

Many a times, people eat Egg Omlet with Roti. So we thought, why not combine them both? Anda Roll is a simple combination of Roti, Omlet and a few sliced veggies. And it is a great snack and also is a complete meal within itself. Try eating it with some ketchup to add up some extra flavors!

Idli Sambhar Recipe Video

The first thing that comes to the mind, for many people, when they hear of South Indian food is Idli. This dish is light on the stomach but also filling at the same time. Idli is usually made from fermented rice batter. And that’s not it. Moreover this video also contains the recipe of homemade Sambhar Masala and Sambhar! So many things in a single video, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Vegetable Hakka Noodles Recipe Video

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this recipe! Not only in Chinese Food recipes, but this video is the highest viewed video amongst all our recipes on YouTube. Sometimes people might get confused to recognize whether a dish is Chinese or not, but when it comes to Hakka Noodles, there are no open ends to it. It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable!

Chilli Paneer Recipe Video

How could we miss out on our Vegetarian fans! It’s the same recipe of Chilli Chicken, just by replacing chicken with Paneer. Trust us, it tastes equally good; or even better?

Khandvi Recipe Video

Even though Khandvi might not be as popular as Dhokla is, we can tell you that it is equally tasty, if nothing less. It is an easily digestible snack and tastes very yummy. If visiting Gujarat is not on your bucket list for now, you can always bring Gujarat to your home! 

Dhokla Recipe Video

When someone talks about Gujarati fast food recipes or snacks, Dhokla is one of the first names to be called out. This dish is very light on the stomach, but also delicious at the same time. If you haven’t tried Dhokla yet, try it out now!

Maggi Samosa Recipe Video

Creativity is combining the favorite snacks recipe of the older generation, with the favorite snacks recipe of the current generation. We thought that if there can be Chinese samosa, why can’t there be Maggi Samosa? You’ll be amazed by its taste! Give it a try?

Pizza Momos with Pizza Sauce Recipe Video

What if we combine two of the most popular snacks? Though these snacks come from a completely diverse background, the best part about food is experimentation! Here we have tried to combine Pizza with Momos, which came out as a lip-smacking dish! If you love both of these snacks recipes, this recipe is a must try for you!

Chinese Wonton Recipe Video

Do they appear like fried Momos to you? Well, you’re not completely wrong. Chinese Wontons can be referred to as cousins of Momos. These dumplings are filled with a mixture of different vegetables. If you haven’t heard of this dish before, we would definitely recommend you to try this at least once.

Garlic Bread Recipe Video

Now this is not the typical Garlic bread that you have at any Cafe or Restaurant. This is a rather basic and simple version of the Garlic bread, but we guarantee that you’ll love its taste! This dish is a great snack option and your kids will always return home with an empty tiffin, if you pack some of these for their school time lunch!

Bhakri/ Roti Pizza Recipe Video

You want your kids to have tasty food like Pizza but worried that Base of the Pizza is not good for your child’s health? Then this recipe is must-know for you! The deliciousness of Pizza is combined with the healthiness of a Roti, and it makes this dish a great snack for kids! Make it for your kid’s tiffin or as an evening snack!

Vegetable Lollipop Recipe Video

Now this is a recipe which you won’t usually find at a restaurant. Veg Lollipops are made up of different vegetables, combined with a bread stick, to prepare a tasty and handy snacks recipe. They are best served with Schezwan Sauce.

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