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We asked some Seafood lovers as to why do they love seafood? And they answered “What’s not to love about it!”
Seafood is full of taste and nutrients! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, any Sea food Recipe is simply delectable. For all the gym lovers, sea food is extremely beneficial for you, as it is a rich source of pure protein.

Seafood is eaten and enjoyed by people around the world. A proof for this is the Fishing Industry in the entire world. Around the globe, millions of people are doing fishing to meet the seafood demands in the market. In USA, people mostly enjoy Clams, Crabs, Lobster, Salmon, etc. But in India, most consumed sea food is Rawas, Bangda, Katla, Surmai, Prawns, etc. Some fishes are so fresh, people even tend to eat them raw, straight out of the waters.

Though we don’t have many Seafood Recipes to offer as of now, but we’ll soon be uploading many more dishes for you! Stay updated with us.

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