Sauces, Dips and Chutney Videos

Sauces and dips are a part of most of the dishes, outside of India. In India, we have our own version of dips, called “Chutneys”!

Though Sauces, Dips or Chutneys may not always be a side dish on your plate, but you’ll have to agree that it compliments our food in the best possible way. You must have noticed that in some movies or shows, the Side kick sometimes has a higher fan following than the main hero itself.

Which Sauce, Dip or Chutney recipe would you like to watch today? Select from the below available options!

Raw Mango Chutney – Keri Chutney Recipe Video

Great dishes can be made from Mango, but Raw Mango is nothing less. It can be used in many delicious recipes like this one, where we have blended Raw mango with fresh Coconut to prepare this yummy Chutney, which can be enjoyed with Dosa, Idli, Chapati, Puri, and the list goes on.

Salsa Sauce Recipe Video

90% of you might recognize this dip as a complimentary dip of Nachos. Well, you guys are not wrong. Though it is also eaten with Tacos; Salsa sauce is usually preferred with Nachos. Best part of this recipe is, there’s is no cooking involved! Just chop, mix and enjoy!

Momos Chutney Recipe Video

Did you watch our Momos recipe? If not watch it here (Veg Momos and Chicken Momos)! And once you learn how to make Momos, try out this authentic, spicy Momos chutney. It might be a little spicy, but don’t worry! You can try one of our simple Dessert Recipes post that.

3 Types of Chutneys for Chaat Recipe Video

Indians, mostly the Indian females are big time fans of Chaats! Then be it Pani Puri or Bhel. Well, despite of whichever chaat you’re making, you’ll be needing these chutneys for sure! And it just takes a couple of minutes to make them.

5 Types of South Indian Chutneys Recipe Video

Chutneys are a major part of South Indian meals. And who doesn’t like some diversity and variety in food! So here we have for you 5 different types of South Indian Chutneys, which you can enjoy with Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Idiyappam, etc.

Schezwan Sauce Recipe Video

And here’s the sauce that many Indo-Chinese Food lovers crave for! This goes well with any kind of Indo-Chinese Noodles or Rice, or even Spring Rolls and Lollipop! Since it can be stored for a longer period if kept in fridge, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

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