Rotis and Breads Photos

Breads are a part of meals in almost all the countries. Its significance can be known from the phrase “Earning a bread”, which means buying food from your hard earned money. There are different kinds of breads, but they all have one thing in common; they are all made of flour. In India, the most consumed bread is Roti or Chapati. Rotis are very simple to make, and a must-know recipe for all the Indians.

On the days of occasions, we make some special breads as well. So if there is Kheer, or Aam Ras, or Aloo subji for food, it definitely would be complimented with Puris or Bhature.

And Rotis are consumed not only for lunch or for dinner, but also for breakfast. These special kind of Rotis are stuffed with various fillings and hence a new dish is formed, called as Parathas.

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Enough of Jibber-jabber from our side. Do enjoy the photos shown below.

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