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Breads are a part of meals in almost all the countries. Its significance can be known from the phrase “Earning a bread”, which means buying food from your hard earned money. There are different kinds of breads, but they all have one thing in common; they are all made of flour. In India, the most consumed bread is Roti or Chapati. Rotis are very simple to make, and a must-know recipe for all the Indians.

On the days of occasions, we make some special breads as well. So if there is Kheer, or Aam Ras, or Aloo subji for food, it definitely would be complimented with Puris or Bhature.

And Rotis are consumed not only for lunch or for dinner, but also for breakfast. These special kind of Rotis are stuffed with various fillings and hence a new dish is formed, called as Parathas.

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Enough of Jibber-jabber from our side. Do enjoy the videos shown below.

Which Roti/ Bread Recipe would you like to watch today? Select from the below available options!

Puranpoli Recipe Video

Puran Poli is a Roti, stuffed with a sweet filling of Dal and Gud (jaggery). In Marathi, the sweet stuffing is called as Puran and the roti is called as Poli. It’s eaten as a dessert or as a snack as well.

Wheat Naan Recipe Video

Love the Tandoori Roti and Naan you get at Restaurants? Well, you can make them at your home too, WITHOUT A TANDOOR! Try out this recipe and make delicious Wheat Naan at your home, on a tawa!

Puri Recipe Video

This recipe is mostly made on certain occasions. You must have had Puris with Aam Ras, Kheer, Aloo Subji and many more dishes. This recipe is your key to perfectly round and puffed up Puris.

Besan Chilla Recipe Video

Some people also call it ‘Veg Omlet’. A chilla is usually made by adding different ingredients to a batter, and cooking it in the form of an Uttappam. Besan chilla consists of besan/ gram flour, being mixed with some vegetables. It is a great breakfast or evening snacks option.

Lachha Paratha Recipe Video

Did you watch our Main course recipes? If not, watch them here. Now, these Punjabi subjis that you’re going to try, you’ll also want something amazing to eat with it. This recipe is the solution to that. These spirals you see on the Paratha are actually the layers or rather flakes of the Lachha Paratha.

Jowar Bhakri Recipe Video

These days so many alternatives are available for bread like roti, chapati, naan, kulcha and so on! But in spite of these new dishes coming up, this authentic Jowar Bhakri will simply win your hearts. Unlike roti or chapati, a Bhakri is not rolled out, rather made completely with hands. Try making this for your parents or for your grandparents, and they will love you for it!

100 years old Grandma cooks Authentic Bajre ki Bhakri Recipe Video

As you have already watched and learnt Jowar ki Bhakri, let’s move on to our next Bhakri, Bajre ki Bhakri! Remember we mentioned that Bhakri was authentically loved by our previous generations? Here’s a proof! Our neighboring Nanny had a wish to shoot a video of her cooking some authentic dishes, and how could we say no to such a sweet-heart!

Chicken Kheema Paratha Recipe Video

Are you one of those who prefer Parathas over Roti-subji because of its ease of eating? Therefore we present to you this recipe of Chicken Kheema Paratha. This amazing recipe consists of making a dry filling of minced Chicken, subsequently stuffed inside a wheat roti. It is a very delicious recipe, and on the other hand it has many nutritional benefits as well.

Aloo Paratha Recipe Video

This Paratha is a favorite breakfast recipe in many families. Delicious savory stuffing of potato is done inside the wheat dough, and is then rolled out. It is cooked in Oil/ Butter/ Ghee, depending on the preference of who’s eating it. Try out this recipe, and make your mornings amazing!

Upvas Thaalipeeth Recipe Video

This recipe can be a great option if you are bored with eating Sabudana for every fast. This Thaalipeeth or Paratha is made with ingredients that can be eaten during fasts, and it tastes absolutely delicious. At our house, we also have it for breakfast, even though no one is having fast; it is that yummy!

Bhature Recipe Video

Yes, Puri tastes great with Chole, but why settle for that? This bread recipe of Bhatura, is the special companion of Chole. And that is why, you’ll hear of “Chole Bhature” more than “Chole Puri”. These Bhaturas are a type of Puri, but thicker and larger in size. They can be a bit oily! So health conscious people, sorry but this recipe is not for you.

Garlic Naan Recipe Video

As we saw Wheat Naan in the above list, this Naan is a superior version of it. Garlic Naan complements your Main course dishes immensely. It tastes so good, you can instead have it as a snack too! And unlike some other recipes, we haven’t used Yeast in this recipe, and is made on Tawa.

Makki ki Roti Recipe Video

This recipe is a Punjabi classic dish. Makki ki Roti is made of Corn meal and is the best match for Sarson ka Saag. It has a great taste, and maybe you can try it with some other subji as well?

Paneer Cheese Paratha Recipe Video

Let’s combine two amazing ingredients to create an even amazing dish. Paneer Cheese Paratha has a mixture of Paneer, Cheese and some other ingredients, stuffed inside a Roti. It is then cooked in butter. One such Paratha will give you great energy to run your chores in the morning!

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