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People in the North and West of India mostly prefer Rotis and Breads. But however as you go South or East, the preference shifts towards Rice. In southern or eastern India, most of the staple foods are rice recipe dishes. It is consumed either as a complete independent dish like Biryani, Pulao; or with Curries like Plain or jeera Rice.

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Chicken Schezwan Rice Recipe Video

A whisked Egg. Fried chicken pieces. Cooked Rice. And Schezwan sauce. Toss them all in a hot pan/ skillet, and BOOM. You just made a mouth watering dish! This is our personal favorite Chinese food dish! Moreover it is a complete meal in itself.

Egg Rice – Anda Rice Recipe Video

Anda Rice is another famous street side Egg dish! Pre-cooked rice is tossed with scrambled eggs and some vegetables, topped with some spices to give its significant taste. In addition, it is a filling dish but still light on your stomach. However, if you love spicy food, have a dash of schezwan sauce with this dish.

Tomato Rice Recipe Video

Tomato Rice is a very simple yet yummy Rice recipe. A few ingredients are mixed together and cooked in a pressure cooker. The final dish which is prepared, has a tangy-spicy taste. This is a great dish to pack in your child’s lunchbox.

Vegetable Pulao Recipe Video

Has it happened with you that after eating Roti, you’re feeling full but still feel like eating some rice? In that case, this is the best recipe for you! This Pulao is not only light on your stomach but is also very delicious at the same time. You can play around with the veggies of your choice, that go in this rice recipe.

Mexican Rice Recipe Video

Mexican Rice is a One pot rice recipe. You don’t have to cook anything separately. Everything goes into the same pot and is cooked together. The addition of veggies also enhances the taste and the nutritional value of this dish.

Veg Biryani Recipe Video

There have been a lots of debates and discussions whether “Veg Biryani” is a thing or not. We believe that the way of cooking, of layering the main protein and the rice, gives it the name of Biryani. Now if you replace Chicken with vegetables, it becomes Veg Biryani and so on. The taste of the final dish is so impeccable, you’d switch to Biryani from Pulao for ever!

Veg Fried Rice Recipe Video

Do not go on the looks of this simple dish. It might look like a very simple dish but it needs precision, to make the perfect Fried Rice. But there’s nothing for you to worry about! We have tried our best to make the simplest yet yummiest possible version of Veg Fried Rice for you. All that’s left is for you to watch the recipe video!

Curd Rice Recipe Video

Curd Rice is a South Indian recipe, which consists of rice combined with curd, added with a tempering. This is a complete meal within itself and is very light on the stomach. If you’re not feeling very well, just skip the chillis from the ingredients and this will be the go-to dish for you!

Instant Vegetable Pulao Recipe Video

You can call this dish as the spicier version of the previous Veg Pulao recipe. It is very simple to cook, as everything is cooked in a common vessel: pressure cooker. The spices add a great flavor to the rice as well as the veggies, and make this dish wholesome. For a change, try having some Parathas, followed by this Instant Vegetable Pulao, for dinner. You’ll greatly enjoy it.

Chicken Biryani Recipe Video

Chicken Biryani is not just another Rice dish, but is a complete meal within itself. On the holy occasion of Eid, you’ll find Muslim families make kilos and kilos of Mutton or Chicken Biryani. The authentic way of making Chicken Dum Biryani is by layering pieces of marinated chicken and half cooked rice, along with some fried onions and mint leaves. The pot/ vessel is then covered with a plate, and after that, the edges are sealed with dough. The pot or vessel is then kept on low flame and the steam is not allowed to escape the pot. Meanwhile, the steam circulates within the pot and cooks the rice as well as Chicken. The final result is a delicious, mouth watering dish of Chicken Biryani!

Dal Khichadi Recipe Video

You must have eaten Dal Chawal. You must have also eaten Khichadi. But have you had Dal Khichadi? It’s not a very different thing altogether but tastes better than the former two. Dal Khichadi is a simple combination where in cooked rice and dal are mixed, added with a delicious tempering, to get a very yummy dish. It is a best option for lunch as it’ll keep you full for long.

Jeera Rice Recipe Video

Jeera rice is one of the simplest Rice recipe. Jeera/ Cumin seeds are heated in oil and rice is added to it. Then in goes the secret ingredient that gives it that amazing restaurant like taste, and is finished with some chopped coriander on the top. Want to know about that secret ingredient? Find it out in the video below!

Schezwan Manchurian Rice Recipe Video

Are you one of those people who prefer Rice over noodles? In that case, do not worry if you didn’t like our Schezwan Manchurian Noodles. We have for you Schezwan Manchurian Rice! Food is all about experimentation, isn’t it?

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