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People in the North and the West of India mostly prefer Rotis and Breads. But however as you go South or East, the preference shifts towards Rice. In southern or eastern India, most of the staple foods are rice recipe dishes.

In different parts of India, it is called out by different names; for example Chawal, Bhaat, Biyyam, etc. It is either eaten as a completely independent dish like Chicken Biryani, Vegetable Pulao, etc.; or with curry or dal, like Plain or jeera Rice. Usually we begin our food with Roti, and then move on to Rice. Whereas in some countries or places, they have it the other way round.

Rice, on the other hand, is also used to make flour and fermented batter, which is further used to make dishes like Bhakri, fryums, Idli, Dosa, and much more. There are a multiple ways of cooking it as well. If it is boiled, each grain can be seen separately after cooking; but if it made in pressure cooker, it tends to become quite sticky. On the other hand, some people even prefer to cook it in an electric cooker.

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