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If this is the first page you’ve website on our website, then you are a die hard Non-vegetarian food lover! And we won’t disappoint you. We have a great range of Non-vegetarian food recipes, for instance, from starters to main course, from rice to parathas and much more!!

Do you guys feel that replacing veggies with chicken in any dish, subsequently enhances the taste of the recipe? Moreover, Chicken goes well with a diversity of flavors and does justice to them at the same time! Not only the taste, Chicken is a great source of protein too!

Would you further like to watch some Egg recipes and Seafood recipes as well? Click on the highlighted names!

Which Non-Vegetarian Recipe would you like to watch today? Select from the below mentioned options!

Samosa Patti and Chicken Samosa Recipe Video

You must have eaten different kinds of Samosas, for instance, Aloo Samosa, Chinese Samosa, etc.! But have you tried a chicken Samosa before? This fried delicacy consists of spicy minced chicken filling and a crunchy & thin outer covering. It is a mouth watering tea-time snack and is best served with coriander chutney!

Schezwan Chicken Rice Recipe Video

A whisked Egg. Fried chicken pieces. Cooked Rice. And Schezwan sauce. Toss them all in a hot pan/ skillet, and BOOM. You just made a mouth watering dish! This is our personal favorite Chinese food dish, and moreover it is a complete meal in itself.

Chicken Manchurian Recipe Video

If you are a Non-Vegetarian food lover, you’ll definitely love this Manchurian recipe. These fried Chicken pieces, tossed in spicy-tangy sauce make a very appetizing snack! Therefore you can enjoy it as a great evening snack or club it with your dinner.

Boneless Tandoori Chicken Recipe Video

Tandoori Chicken is one of the most liked and most served Non vegetarian starters in India! Chicken pieces are marinated in curd along with some spices, and are cooked in a Tandoor to get its signature smoky flavor. It is best served with a Mint-Coriander-Curd chutney! Here we have made the boneless version of Tandoori Chicken, that too without a tandoor, on a gas stove. Likewise you can follow the exact same recipe for bigger pieces of chicken as well.

Chicken Red Thai Curry Recipe Video

Thai food mostly consists of coconut based ingredients. Even this Red Thai curry is made from Coconut milk, along with some other ingredients. However if Coconut milk is not available in your locality, don’t worry. In this recipe, we have shown how you can prepare coconut milk at home from a regular coconut. This curry, added with Chicken pieces, goes excellently well with Plain steamed rice!

Mutton Kheema Recipe Video

The people who eat Mutton, will always prefer it over Chicken or any other Non-vegetarian product of that sort. So here’s one of the most famous Mutton dishes, Mutton Kheema! Minced mutton is slow cooked for a long time until it becomes tender and is finally cooked in a spicy base to give it its signature flavor! It is best served with Pav, however you can also enjoy it with Roti, Lachha Paratha or Roomali Roti.

Dahi Chicken Recipe Video

This is a very unique recipe of Chicken curry where the curry is made of Curd! Are you worried about the splitting of curd while cooking? Stay rest assured that it won’t! Above all, the tangy and spicy taste of Dahi Chicken or Dahi Murg will win your hearts!

Chicken Momos Recipe Video

Let’s just agree that we all love Momos! Above all, any Non-vegetarian food lover, will never go for Veg Momos over Chicken Momos. These Chicken Momos are made similarly like the ones that you get at the street side momo stalls. Try making them at home so that you can cook them by yourself whenever you crave to eat some.

Chicken Kheema Paratha Recipe Video

Are you one of those who prefer Parathas over Roti-subji because of its ease of eating? Therefore we present to you this recipe of Chicken Kheema Paratha. This amazing recipe consists of making a dry filling of minced Chicken, subsequently stuffed inside a wheat roti. It is a very delicious recipe, and on the other hand it has many nutritional benefits as well.

Butter Chicken Recipe Video

This dish certainly does not need any introduction! Whoever loves to eat chicken, loves to eat Butter Chicken! The rich and smooth, sweet-tangy gravy just perfectly compliments chicken and as a result, tastes delectable! Most importantly do not forget to top it up with butter, because “It’s in the name”!

Chilli Chicken Recipe Video

Chilli Chicken might look similar to chicken 65 or manchurian, but is a different dish by taste altogether. These chicken pieces are coated with a batter and deep fried until crisp. And lastly, they are tossed in a sauce with some diced onions and capsicum. You can have this dish along with some other Chinese food dishes, for instance, Fried rice, Noodles, etc.

Chicken Biryani Recipe Video

Chicken Biryani is not just another Rice dish but is a complete meal within itself. On the holy occasion of Eid, you’ll find Muslim families make kilos and kilos of Mutton or Chicken Biryani. The authentic way of making Chicken Dum Biryani is by layering pieces of marinated chicken and half cooked rice, along with some fried onions and mint leaves. The pot/ vessel is then covered with a plate, and after that, the edges are sealed with dough. The pot or vessel is then kept on low flame and the steam is not allowed to escape the pot. Meanwhile the steam circulates within the pot, it cooks the rice as well as the Chicken. The final result is a delicious, mouth watering dish of Chicken Biryani!

Coriander Chicken – Green Chicken Recipe Video

Green Chicken or Coriander Chicken is a great starter recipe! It is marinated and cooked in a coriander based marinate. Moreover it is a simply melt-in mouth kind of dish! Don’t take our word for it, and try it yourself!

Maharashtrian Style Chicken Curry Recipe Video

This delicious curry has the base of coconut, mixed with other spices and ingredients. Chicken is boiled first, and further is cooked in the gravy. It tastes just bomb with Roti, Chapati, Bhakri, Rice, you name it!

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