Italian Food Videos

Italian food, just like Italian people, is loved by all! These cheesy and lip smacking dishes are a great hit among today’s generation! And there are so many varieties available to cherish.

Italian food recipes are mostly made of sauces and fresh cheese like Mozzarella or Parmesan. Would you like to know more about different Italian Cheeses? Click here!

Can we interest you in some lip smacking Fast Food Recipes as well? Visit our Fast Food Recipes section!

Which Italian Food recipe would you like to watch today? Select from the below available options!

Margherita Pizza Recipe Video

The simplest kind of Pizza there is, Margherita Pizza! Margherita Pizza is a very simple recipe which has a pizza base, a sauce freshly made from tomatoes, and Mozzarella cheese. It’s a best complimentary dish with wine or champagne.

Alfredo Pasta – White Sauce Pasta Recipe Video

When it comes to Pasta, we Indians always prefer White sauce pasta over other kinds of Pasta dishes. One of the reason for its popularity can be cheese, because of which it gets that creamy cheesy texture. Add in a few veggies, or chicken, or mushrooms, depending on your taste, to further enhance the flavors of the recipe.

Veg Cheese Pizza with Pizza Base and Pizza Sauce Recipe Video

If you are a Pizza lover, you don’t want to miss out on this recipe! We have made everything from scratch in this video; from the base, to the sauce, to the entire pizza. You can add toppings of your choice, like here we have added a few veggies and mushrooms.

4 Types of Pastas Recipe Video

In the above given recipes, you saw the recipe of Alfredo Pasta. And some of you might be wondering like “What if I prefer Pasta in some other sauce, than the typical white sauce?”, and you’re right in your place. That’s why we have for you not one, not two, but 4 different types of Pasta recipes, which you’ll simply cherish.

Garlic Bread Recipe Video

Now this is not the typical Garlic bread that you have at any Cafe or Restaurant. This is a rather basic and simple version of the Garlic bread, but we guarantee that you’ll love its taste! This dish is a great snack option and your kids will always return home with an empty tiffin, if you pack some of these for their school time lunch!

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