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Italian food, just like Italian people, is loved by all! These cheesy and lip smacking dishes are a great hit among today’s generation! Moreover there are so many varieties available to cherish. The Major Italian food recipes which are very popular in India, are Pizzas and Pastas. And over the years, we Indians have come up with our versions of these dishes as well. Today you can see Pizzas being sold on streets, which are entirely different than the authentic Pizza. And same is the case with Pasta. So many companies have come with their own ‘Ready to cook’ Pastas.

Still there are some restaurants like Little Italy, which still make and serve Pizzas in authentic way, that is Wood fired Pizzas. And the people who have eaten it, know how different and amazing it tastes. But we can’t always go to a restaurant when we crave for Italian food right? But we can always make it on our own.

Mostly Italian food recipes are made of freshly prepared sauces and fresh cheese like Mozzarella or Parmesan. On the other hand, would you like to know more about different types of Cheese? Visit this website over here!

Interested in Recipe videos rather than photos? Visit our recipe videos page here to watch the videos.

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