Egg Recipe Videos

For many people, Egg is a staple meal. And why not! For instance, it is readily available in every locality, is cheap, and is packed with Nutrients! One large egg is a source of 6 grams of protein. No doubt why most of the Gym-lovers love Eggs! But wouldn’t it get boring to eat plain boiled eggs everyday? So we need some egg recipe dishes to make Eggs fun to eat everyday, and that’s what we have for you here! All of these recipes won’t take much of your time, but will definitely satisfy your taste buds when you eat it.

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So which Egg Recipe are you interested to watch today? Choose from the options below!

Anda Bhurji Recipe Video

So, when it comes to Egg, Anda Bhurji is a well known recipe that comes into our mind. In cities like Mumbai and Pune, you might have seen those late night Anda Bhurji vendors. And the reason for it’s popularity is its simplicity. It requires limited ingredients, very less time to make, and actually a very low investment. Above all, Anda Bhurji tastes best with lightly toasted bread slices or Pav.

Anda Rice Recipe Video

Anda Rice is another famous street side Egg dish! Pre-cooked rice is tossed with scrambled eggs and some vegetables, topped with some spices to give its significant taste. In addition, it is a filling dish but still light on your stomach. However, if you love spicy food, have a dash of schezwan sauce with this dish.

Egg Roll Recipe Video

Many a times, people eat Egg Omlet with Roti. So we thought, why not combine them both? Anda Roll is a simple combination of Roti, Omlet and a few sliced veggies. And it is a great snack and also is a complete meal within itself. Try eating it with some ketchup to add up some extra flavors!

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