Chinese Food Photos

Chinese Food is a very popular cuisine around the world. The reasons for popularity of this cuisine is its distinct aroma, smoky flavors and its delectable taste.

Chinese cuisine is quite popular all over, but Indians prefer the Indo-Chinese version of it. This cuisine was invented in Kolkata in the early 1700s. Since then, people from different states in India have experimented and come up with their own unique versions of the dishes; for example Triple Rice, Chowmein, etc. Today Indo-Chinese food is been made and sold in almost every part of India. Moreover the street version of these recipes has our hearts.

If a street side vendor is selling Chinese food, anyone can tell it from meters away! The aroma is so strong and convincing that it is hard not to order something. The large iron skillet which is used to cook the dishes, is the main reason for this smoky fragrance. You can buy a large iron wok/ skillet from your neighboring market or you can order it online from here. Moreover these recipes are cooked on high flame and hence are prepared very quickly. So ready for some fire-packed action?

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