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Beverages are a key part of our lives! Just think about it! The first thing you consume when you wake up, whatever it maybe be – Tea, Coffee, Warm Milk, etc. is a Beverage! Whenever you visit a Cafe, you usually order a Beverage, like a Soft drink. When you return home after a long day at work, you crave for a Beverage like Lemonade to refresh yourself. Therefore Beverages are a must have and at Swadisht Foods, we present to you a variety of beverages videos to choose from.

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Aam Panna Recipe Video

Aam Panna is a Summer Cooler drink with excellent heat-resistant and re-hydration properties. It is made from Raw Mangoes and is best served chilled. In addition to being yummy, it is also packed with Nutrients! For instance, it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, iron, and folates. It helps regulate the digestive process. And also is a great Immunity Booster!

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Masala Shikanji Recipe Video

Shikanji, a very famous drink in North India, is a modified version of Lemonade. Shikanji, also called as Shikanjvi, contains Lemon juice, crushed Mint, Sugar/ Jaggery, Ginger juice, cumin and salt. You can also add extra ingredients like a hint of black pepper powder, depending on your taste. It aids in Digestion and Weight Loss. Moreover, it is packed with Nutrients.

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Solkadhi Recipe Video

Solkadhi is one of the most liked beverages of Maharashtrian people. It is made from Kokam (Garcinia Indica), Coconut, Sugar, Coriander, Garlic, Green chilli and Salt. Above all, it has numerous health benefits! For instance, it aids digestion, acts as a cooling agent, protects from diabetes and much more!

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4 Types of Lassi Recipe Video

When you hear of Lassi, does it remind you of Punjab? Lassi is an amazingly refreshing drink made from fresh curd and sugar. Meanwhile, some people also prefer it salty. And as it is said, food is your canvas; paint it in your own way! You can add different flavors to suit your taste. It is best served chilled. Moreover, we have for you not one, not two, but four different versions of Lassi!

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3 Types of Chocolate Milkshake Recipe Video

There’s no denying to our love for Chocolate! As we grew, consequently our choices changed as well. But what stayed unchanged was our liking for Chocolate! However, it has health benefits as well! Over the time, there have been many modifications and inventions of different kinds of Chocolate milkshakes. But out of all the available beverages videos, here we have for you the three easiest kinds of chocolate milkshake.

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Jaljeera Recipe Video

Now this is the best combination of taste and health: Jaljeera! Do you still buy ready-to-make Jaljeera sachets from the market? Watch this easy recipe video and make fresh Jaljeera at your home, as and when you want it! Made from Mint leaves, Ginger, Sugar, Cumin, Lemon juice, Dry mango powder, Asafoetida (hing), Black pepper powder and Salt, this drink immensely boosts your immunity power!

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Mango Milkshake Recipe Video

Ah, just by looking at that beautiful color, anyone will crave to have a glass of it! Yes we are talking about Mango Milkshake! King of fruits: Mango, in addition to King of Calcium: Milk, proves to be a lovely combination. Above all, if you choose the right mangoes, there won’t be a need to add extra sugar too! Further, top it with some chopped dry fruits and your power-packed drink is ready!

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Kokam Sharbat Recipe Video

This Cola-like looking drink is super healthy and delicious as well! Kokam Sharbat is widely sold on the streets of India during hot summers! It is made just from 5 ingredients and is very easy to make.

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Masala Chaas Recipe Video

Chaas or known by different names in different parts of India, like Buttermilk, Taak, Chaach, Mathha, etc., is a simple beverage made from curd. Additionally mint, cumin and salt are added to the diluted curd to enhance its taste! It is one of the cheapest and most widely available drinks on the streets of India.

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Lemonade Recipe Video

“Beta, gharpe Mehmaan aaye hai. Jao sabke liye Nimbu Pani bana do!”. Most of the 90s kids would relate to this! Meanwhile hundreds and thousands of beverages videos are available on the internet, Nimbu Paani tops the list when it comes to India. The reason being, Nimbu Paani is so easy to make, even kids can make it. And the required ingredients are always present in your refrigerator. Therefore, a chilled glass of Nimbu Paani is just a video away from you!

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Thick Cold Coffee Recipe Video

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, just because of its great versatility. There are so many varieties of Coffee you can make like Latte, Frappuccino, Mocha, Espresso, etc. But today we will be talking about thick Cold Coffee. However extreme the heat be, this cold coffee with a creamy texture will definitely cool down your body.

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Haldi Masala Dudh Recipe Video

This Beverage is a Swadisht Foods specialty! For years, we have been drinking this Haldi Masala Dudh (Turmeric Milk) in case of mild flu, cold, sore throat, etc., instead of medicines. It has excellent medicinal properties! Drink this milk before sleeping at night and after that don’t eat or drink anything else. By the next morning, you’ll feel much better. Made from the principles of Ayurveda, this beverage will greatly improve your immunity.

Oreo Milkshake Recipe Video

Finally, here comes the favorite drink of modern day kids. Rather it has become a trend to use Oreo for making different recipes. However, not all beverages can be power packed with nutrients. Sometimes, we need to compromise on healthy food, in order to fulfil our cravings for yummy food.

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