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Beverages are a key part of our lives! Just think about it! The first thing you consume when you wake up, whatever it maybe be – Tea, Coffee, Warm Milk, etc. is a Beverage! Whenever you visit a Cafe, you usually order a Beverage, like a Soft drink. When you return home after a long day at work, you crave for a Beverage like Lemonade to refresh yourself. Even when we have guests come over to our homes, the first thing we offer them after water is a Beverage.

Therefore Beverages are a must have and at Swadisht Foods, we present to you a variety of beverages videos to choose from. These Beverages also have multiple nutritional benefits. They help boost our immunity, keep our body hydrated, help release the heat from our body, aid digestion, and much more.

If you scroll down the photo gallery, you’ll find “Haldi Masala Dudh”. This Beverage is a Swadisht Foods specialty! For years, we have been drinking this Haldi Masala Dudh (Turmeric Milk) in cases of mild flu, cold, sore throat, etc. instead of medicines. It has excellent medicinal properties! Drink this milk before sleeping at night and after that don’t eat or drink anything else. By the next morning, you’ll feel much better. During the times of Covid-19, this beverage is actually amazing for your health.

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