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Swadisht Foods is the One stop solution for all your Food cravings! We make recipes of the food around the globe, so that you can enjoy them right at your home. Join us on your journey to become a great home cook because, to sum up, Food is a never ending trend!

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Our Journey

The Beginning

Swadisht Foods was started in the year 2008! It was formerly "Swadisht Cooking Classes". We used to take live cooking classes for various cuisines, for instance Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Fast Food, Bakery, and Sizzlers.

Little Steps

We further joined a small community of home cooks. And eventually started selling our food online, consequently leading to an amazing response from the crowd! And that motivated us to join even more communities to reach out to a larger audience.

Reaching Out

Therefore, in mid 2017, we thought of aiming even higher. In other words, If we could reach out to the people of a city, then why not the entire world? Therefore we decided to create Food content and upload it on various social platforms. Above all, our motto was to make cooking easy for everyone on this planet.

we created "Swadisht by Sujata" on YouTube and "Swadisht Foods" on Facebook and Instagram.

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/swadishtbysujata
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/swadishtindia
Instagram http://www.instagram.com/swadishtfoods

We have been constantly updating and increasing our food library ever since. To clarify, our content is in the form of photos and videos.

A Further Push

Meanwhile our online presence was increasing on the social media platforms, we also started to manufacture and sell Diwali Snacks in our locality in Pune, Maharashtra.
Moreover, on the basis of feedbacks and suggestions we received, we also started our own food catering services.

We started offering cuisines around India as well as the world, like North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Maharashtrian cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, Fast food, Desserts, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Continental cuisine, and much more!


In today's date, our community of Swadisht Foods has significantly increased, with thousands of followers around the world and millions of views on our content. We heartily Thank each and everyone of you, who has supported us right from 2008 until today and made us what we are! Most importantly, we hope you all will stay connected with us and together, we will grow as a family!

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Our Boss Lady!

Sujata Dabade - Founder Swadisht Foods

Sujata Dabade

Owner and Founder - Swadisht Foods

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